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"The never-ending pages of the same clothes along with the tedious time it takes to browse online fashion retailers today is disappointing and it is our mission to create a more personalized wardrobe concierge for limited edition silhouettes often handcrafted in Europe for show-stopping women.

Monanella Boutique founder Andrea was inspired by her own frustration browsing never ending pages of garments online fashion retailers had before her trip to Paris and wasting so much time trying to find unique elevated pieces that pair well together. 

The boutique became just a thought in her mind while in the streets of Paris in January of 2020 but was officially launched in early 2021. She was inspired to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to empower women to celebrate their beautiful bodies their way, styling the pieces how they choose to portray their inner goddess of the day.



We are committed to bringing limited edition high quality materials and silhouettes often from Europe more accessible.


We give personal service whether through at home personal shopping or call to order so you do not have to lift a finger and spend time browsing as we assist you for your every need. 


We want our clothes to give you a feeling of self-love when you look in the mirror and empower you because if you look good, you will feel good.

Meet The Founder


For 12 years of her life, Andrea had studied and worked in the Fashion Industry in NYC. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her Bachelor’s and worked for some of the top brands in the industry like Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan. She incorporated all the fashion knowledge she accumulated over the years and set out on her own.


It was on a trip to Paris with her husband when the brand was first just a thought in her mind. As they were in the most beautiful museum, the Louvre, and after waiting on a long line to see the most popular painting in the world, she finally stepped up to view the original masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. This painting empowered her and spoke to her and it was later on that she realized the Mona Lisa served as an inspiration and center figure of the brand. She incorporated Mona and Nella which is the ending of her maiden name into one. It was there in front of that painting that she realized she was actually a living, breathing, continuous work of art herself and that women became her muse and she wanted to service them all, make them feel beautiful and showcase them through her assortment of clothes; as you are what you wear.

"The clothes you choose everyday to wear actually change the way you perform and are a clear representation of who you are."

What are #Monanella Muses?

1. a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Our #MonanellaMuses find their own inspiring ways to make pieces stand out and to mix and match the pieces they buy, as well as easily blending them into the rest of their wardrobe.

#MonanellaMuses expresses who she is and what she wants from her life through her clothing on an everyday basis and wears the same outfit more than once because she loves it!

#MonanellaMuses are powerful, confident in what she says, what she does and of course what she wears! She is a go-getter and she is changing the world for the better and we want to be along for her story!